Artist Statement

I am interested in producing work around ideas based on the interplay between people, their relationships and in understanding the dynamic between family, friends and strangers.

Relationships as described by me using the paired down and stylised male and female body as the image of Mankind and through the simplicity of line, form and shape. I am interested in understanding and asking those questions regarding how and where you exist within your family and friendship group.

Exploring the relationships between brothers and sisters, parents and children, individuals and friends, through composition and the translation of these thoughts into bronze, crystal glass, plaster and marble.

I am interested in ability, disability, an altered ability and the relationship between our perception of what is able and what is less abled.

I am interested in the ego and the relationship we have with our other alternative Self or alter ego. For example my work, particularly the Dance Line motif can be seen as one figure repeated or seen as many seperate individual ones.

Figures, draped and yet devoid of clothing. The innocent and the experienced. The revealed and the withheld in their true essence and speaking as everyone. This one singular and the multitude of another. Together as one yet separate.

Standing, dancing, leaning, lying.
Dance Line or Dance Circle.
Both united.
Curved, shaped, lined and formed.
Musical, lyrical, contemplative and fun.

The half and perceived whole.
The ability and the altered ability
What matters?
Our togetherness as one.

Brothers, sisters, parents, children
Strangers and friends.
Relationships partners, lovers wives and girlfriends, husbands and boyfriends, family.
The collective joining of bodies and spirits, relationship and space.

Or being alone in a group.
That solitary figure in a line.
Alone yet together with the others.

I am interested in asking the question of where do you fit in to your family and friend group. The relationships within a family, or between strangers and friends, and how this relationship within a Classically inspired narrative frieze can be depicted.