Angels with Butterflies

The composition of this piece evolved through direct conversations with the client who wished to commission a large Alto Relievo panel for an entrance hallway for a property in Florida, USA.

The use of male and female angels and figures was a direct referral to the clients own family both living and passed. As usual in my work, composition is the starting point for the panel and in this composition I wanted to absorb the whole subject of the panel in a completely interlinked and compositionally fluid way. The figures, the fabric, the wings, hair and the harps were all designed to draw the eye of the viewer, round, across and within the piece and to conceptually to unite the clients past and the present as a single entity.

The clay work shows how the thought processes occur and how the piece evolves in a three dimensional way and is the basis for the building up of the figures. The initial building up of the surface from the back ground level, and the blocking out of the entire composition allow the composition to be a faithful reproduction of the agreed design. The cartoon drawing has been pounced out into the clay, cut out and fitted up onto to the clay base and now allows the initial clay to be modelled into the Alto Relievo forms that result in the finished piece.

I wanted the strong combination of power and peace in the relationships between the figures: some gaze down at another, some glance across the composition so that you as a viewer are directed between the figures and almost follow the ‘conversation’ of the piece. The directional large hands and feet used throughout my work is always about grounding, direction, relationship and it is this interplay of both looking, directing and touching that offers a sense of our relationship.