Architectural Alto Relievo

Initially I produced an A1 scale monochromatic watercoloured drawings of the buildings in Regents Park, London and presented this to the client, the basis of the idea which. When fully executed in relief, played on the idea of optical expressive use a range of depths, illusions of depth and the subtlety of materials by employing a ‘White on White’ tonal shadow range.

This neutrality worked well within the context of the contemporary development of a period building and the panel directly related to the environment of the street outside. The physicality of the piece; its monumentality and strength both worked with the physicality of the architectural space and the pale tone of the plaster gave the space a lightness of appearance.

The lack of colour combined with the physical presence and the illusion of depth created by distorting the panorama  and the architectural understanding of the street outside created a neutral yet powerful architectural alto Relievo panel which, when fully installed with the bespoke museum brackets creates a sense of ageless monumentality.