Disability and Ability

I have become more and more interested in producing work that fuses together and merges both physical ability, gender, sexuality and race and aims to avoid detrimental social stereotyping.

Human society and the inter-relationship of people fascinates me and working with ideas of, and the physical nature surrounding our bodies, separate from perceived ideas of the perfect ideal and perfection to embrace all people regardless of who they are and what they look like, is a huge source of inspiration for me.

In a sense these differences: sex. colour, race, age and religion are irrelevant as I am concerned within this work to unify and not separate, to join and not divide, to make whole not incomplete.

Through the  exploration of ideas of ability/disability and understanding that mental, sexual, emotional, physical and spiritual ability and conversely dis-ability or altered-ability, that affects every single person. An ability to do something manifests itself in different ways and one just had to witness the London 2012 Games to see that. Athletes who were born with physical impairments were competing alongside athletes with no physical impairment. Emotional in ability or neurosis can be as disabling for some people as the inability to walk for the next.

I also am exploring ideas of relationship, community and the lack of ability that some times exists with people’s understanding of each other. The idea of feeling solitary and alone in a group is expressed through the repetition of a single figure throughout an image. Single yet surrounded and the emotional tension that can be created through isolation within oneself.

I have also become interested in producing work that has no fixed gender and race and just represents Humanity. The struggle, enjoyment and emotional power of being alive.