Eve & Eve

Through my work; through narrative, story telling and the inter relationship of shape and form, I work on establishing compositional balance and harmony.

‘Eve and Eve’ (2009) was made for the Groucho Club, London and is about the harmony, tolerance and strength that exists within a loving relationship between two people.

In this piece I wanted to take the idea of the two female figures in Eve and Eve as almost symmetrical images ‘bound’ together in their unifying love. They are joined by swirling fabric/cloths or spiritual energies surrounding their bodies and connected them together as a contemporary reflection of the traditional Christian/heterosexual story of Adam and Eve and takes as its motif the mirrored image of fluid female forms reflected in the spiritual universal force and the physical.

Taking the image of the two female figures reflected and joined together as the starting point and translating this as the earth forming the world around us of growth, birth, nurturing, providing. This image of the powerful earth female goes back to the pre-Christian, pagan/ancient beliefs of Western culture and is echoed throughout the world.